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09 Spt 23 ( Saturday) 11:30 am Onword

Unleashing Potential: Join the Seminar on ‘It’s Possible!’ by Mr Rakesh Chandra. Unlock your hidden capabilities. Mr Rakesh Chandra will help you master your shortcomings, write your own reality and achieve your goals. Equip yourself with practical ideas from professionals. Push yourself above and beyond. Limited entries. Reserve a seat now!

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About Seminar

RAKESH CHANDRA is an acclaimed motivational speaker of 2023, renowned for teaching valuable lessons on achieving life goals and understanding the purpose of existence. As an influencer, professional life coach, leadership consultant, Motivational Speaker Personal & Professional Life Coach and career counselor, Philanthropist, Psychologist Corporate Trainer. he has empowered countless individuals through his ‘DHANYVAD FOUNDATION’. Rakesh Chandra’s guidance provides inspiration and invaluable direction to help numerous young people overcome disorientation and prosper.

His motivational orations, life skills training, and career counseling endow participants with a crucial mindset for success. Rakesh Chandra’s teachings focus on achieving success and acquiring prosperity, offering practical strategies and transformative insights about the significant factors that prompt one’s growth.


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Knowledge Enhancement

Networking Opportunities

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